One smelly invite- the fabulous Napa Winery Inspired Wedding Invitations

17 Nov

I’ve started work on Brittany & Corey’s Napa Winery wedding invitations.  You probably recognize their name from a few posts back where I posted pictures of their Save The Date.  The are looking for a winery inspired wedding invitation, but nothing with an obvious winery theme.  Using deep purple, eggplant, and mossy green for their color palette and some natural elements, I think I’ve got just the design.  I am going to be making two or maybe three sample invitation ideas for Brittany & Corey to view and pick from, if I can dig in and find some more inspiration!  I’m stuck on sample invite number one.  Feel free to send ideas.

Thus said, I tend to put all of my best ideas into one package.  Now that I’ve made the first sample, I’m kind of out of ideas for a second one because I used everything I love in the first!!  SO…first sample =  SUCCESS!  I’m totally happy with how it turned out.  The invitation is just like I envision their wedding will be- luxurious, rich, textural, and elaborate.  I used a mix of raw silk (think luxe), stained oak (think wine barrels), and moss (think stinky).  I’m hoping as the moss continues to dry out it will not smell.  I don’t think “eww” is the first impression Brittany & Corey want to give their guests when they open their invitation boxes.

“But it looks pretty!!” I say.  Beauty is pain.  We cram our feet into stilettos that hurt our toes…but we don’t care…they look good, darnit!  Well, doesn’t that rule apply to invitations too?  Doesn’t matter if it smells!  It looks good!

Here is a picture of what I have so far of the first sample.  It’s not done yet…just a snapshot of the many stages and processes that go into making a full invitation suite.

…sooo…today is a day of research to gather more inspiration so I can come up with something for my next sample.  I love these days- they mean snuggling with the dog on the couch and scouring the blog and design world for invitation, creative, and artistic love.  AND they’re just as important to the whole creative process as actually gluing the silk to the cardboard, drawing the pattern on Illustrator, or dipping the brush in paint.

I’m leaning toward a rustic, not-so-luxurious version of “vineyard” for the next sample.  Ideas?  Anyone?


2 Responses to “One smelly invite- the fabulous Napa Winery Inspired Wedding Invitations”

  1. Gary November 17, 2010 at 12:53 pm #

    Ummmm, are you SURE that’s actually moss? Because in the photo it REALLY looks like something else! But that might explain the smell…

    All kidding aside they look stunning. I’m not sure two more choices are necessary. Pull out all the stops and create a second and I’ll bet they will be more than happy with one of them.

  2. lifeworkmediablog November 17, 2010 at 1:06 pm #

    Ohhh, that’s why it smells!

    Thanks. I agree with you. In fact, one should be enough. 🙂 But I know people like choices!

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