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sneak peek: art deco inspired invitations

25 Jul

So my hubs today asked me how long it has been since I wrote on the bloggity after suggesting it has been awhile….and I was all “phft…not that long.”

But inside I knew.

I knew the truth was something I’d buried deep (ok, maybe not really)…as I promised myself I would never go this long without writing and I’ve been continually putting people off who have been asking to see my recent work.  Eek!

The good news is I’ve been SO busy (yay!)  but the blog has fallen off the edge of the earth.  The bad news is I have SO many wonderful designs & goodies I’ve completed in the last few months, but literally no time to take pictures and post.

Anyway, in keeping with that…I’ve already taken up too much valuable time as I am desperately trying to assemble 100 invitations for a last-minute client who had 4 weeks for design.  Not to mention, my puppies are scared of the thunder that is booming outside and jumping into my lap for comfort.  It’s a beautiful thing, trying to glue & tape with a pup in my lap.

To satisfy your fancy, just wanted to post a little sneak peek of the gorgeous teal envelopes & custom patterned liners I’m assembling for this current invitation suite.  My client, Joy, wanted an art deco/art nouveau inspired invitation set with all the bells and whistles- custom envelope liners, 3 color letterpress printing, various patterned backings on each of the pieces, custom postage stamps, rounded corners…the list goes on…and the invites are fabulous!

Here is a picture of the envelope & the custom liner I created that we’ll be using for Joy’s invitations.  The colors: teal & chartreuse

More pictures to follow of the full set.  Maybe in a year or so.  🙂



2 May

I’ve been a big fan of Emersonmade for awhile now, but I just recently found out that most people out there have not heard of them!  What!?

Well, in that case, here is a little Emersonmade love for you.

Their overall style is classic & simple with big style statements and pops of strong design.

I’m obsessed with their clutches!!!  See the doggie one above?  Oh my…

An inside peek at the Emersonmade studio below…

For a little more Emersonmade love, check out the recent Studio tour/interview here, from Brooklyn Bride.

Oh, and they make really cute little flowers!

If you’re into these adorable flowers, above, you will find more adorableness here!

And these “poppers” below…how fun would they be if worn on every guest at your wedding!?

That’s all folks.


Weekend love

15 Apr

Happy Friday to my loyal readers!

Thought I’d leave you some love for the weekend.  See you Monday!

I want one…

Community Live

I would do this if I had an outdoor wedding

Oh Hello Friend

How cool is this record wedding invite?

Loving this downloadable compliment bunting.

Okay…cutest cake ever

Herriott Grace

Wow, this is gorgeous and paintstakingly detailed.

Love all of these escort card ideas!

A gorgeous hand-cut paper creation

Tin cans used as vases & centerpieces? Yes please.

9 Apr

I love the use of cans for vases!  It’s such a simple, down-to-earth statement, yet so elegant too!

These are just gorgeous!!!

Green Wedding Shoes

Photo booth backdrop

8 Apr


Style Me Pretty

Charming Barn Wedding Ideas

29 Mar

Recently, my friend asked me to help with her wedding.  She’ll be having her wedding ceremony at a beautiful outdoor location- with never-ending, rolling plains surrounded by gorgeous gardens & flowers.  Her reception will be in a huge barn on the property.

From what flowers to use for her bouquets to what she should do for centerpieces…she is overwhelmed!  In terms of a “theme” or “style”…there is none.  Yet!

However, she has picked her colors; coral, gray/silver, & cream- fabulous!

She was not one of those girls with ideas for her wedding when she was ten.  I’ve always thought she was stylish, and talking with her made me realize she just needed some help gathering ideas & inspiration to execute her style and help her figure out what she wants.  I think she knows what she likes and just doesn’t know how to explain it or isn’t able to put her finger on it.  I’m positive when she sees the right thing she will say “yes, that’s exactly what I want!”

Do you ever have that problem?  If so, I would love love to collaborate with you or your vendors to help you come up with the “whole look” for your wedding.  Usually, once you have an idea of how the end result should look it is much easier to find & pick items that execute that look every step of the way, especially if you let me help you with a list of what to buy!  🙂

Email me/leave comments on the blog if you have any questions or need design help for your wedding!  Or keep visiting this blog for more inspiration.

Here are my ideas, loves, & obsessions that I think would work great for any budget-friendly barn wedding, in case you are thinking of having one too:

1) THEME-   in other words the look, feel, style, and tone

You don’t have to go “country” to pull off a fabulous barn wedding.  Think  “Elegant-Vintage-Garden-Chic”…yes…a term I coined, I think, unless it’s out there somewhere else.  *eek*

The long name has its purpose though!  I love the use of vintage-inspired elements in weddings these days.  I have to say it is one of my all-time favorite trends right now.  But, unless you’re really big on vintage antiques and shabby chic finds, you should mix in a few other elements.  That’s totally not required though (some ALL vintage-inspired weddings I’ve seen are still at the top of my list)  However, a mix & middle ground is the way to go for most people, so that’s why I want to add a bit of elegance (which can be more formal & glitzy) with a bit of garden (which is soft, romantic, & natural) and a touch of chic (which is trendy and stylish).

Below, you’ll find some inspirations that are Elegant, Vintage, Garden, or Chic…or a mix of several of these.


Wedding flowers are tough to figure out because there are just so so many choices out there.  For the long winded (take a *deep breath*)  “Elegant-Vintage-Garden-Chic” look there are plenty of options to go with.  While my all-time favorite is the Peony, I’m also obsessing on Ranunculus & a variety of heavily petaled roses & open garden roses (there are tons!).  You can see them on my recent post on flowers.  I would create my bouquet & centerpieces with at least some of these “soft” flowers if I was doing a barn wedding.

See how romantic and full the “heavily petaled bouquets” look?

Images: Emily Rose Wood, Country Living, Angie Silvy

I’m also really digging the “just picked yourself” bouquet look.  It is down-to-earth, natural, completely budget friendly, and understated (in a good way, yes).  Can you see how these bouquets below look like they were just picked out of a garden?  Some actually were!  And others were Continue reading

Idea to steal: fabric strip canopy

24 Mar

By far, this is one of my favorite things to date.  This is an absolutely gorgeous wedding detail.  It is made from cut strips of all kinds of different fabrics in this couple’s wedding colors.  Just think of the possibilities!

This probably took a ton of time and effort to create…but it was so worth it.  Wish I could re-do my wedding just so I could have one of these defining a lounge area.

I would love to use this for a ceremony chuppah, photobooth backdrop, or even as a decoration above the head table.

Truly unique, colorful, and gorgeous and sure to please your guests!

sources: Sloan Photographers, Ruffled

Cheaper peony “replacement” flowers for your wedding (and garden too!)

15 Mar

Peonies…one of the absolute most gorgeous flowers out there!  They are loved for their large size and their very high petal count, making them very dense and soft looking.  Unfortunately, they are fairly pricey…especially if they’re out of season.

If you’re working on a budget or if your wedding is not during peony season don’t fret….you can still get gorgeous, full, high-petal-count flowers that will give the same look and feel as peonies, without the expense.  These are also great additions to any garden.

Here are some alternate flowers to look into:


Sources: Bulbs Online, BHG, Lovely Little Details

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous & they are uber trendy & stylish right now for weddings

Double Flowering Tulip

Sources: Wedding Bee, BHG, White Flower Farm,

Tell me those don’t look just like huge, round, peonies…

Cabbage Rose, Juliet Rose, Eden Rose

Sources: Jackson & Perkins, Cut Rose, Martha Stewart Weddings, Wedding Flower Ideas

Any of those roses, all of those roses, are super high-petal count, super dense, super soft & romantic looking…so don’t write off roses!  Let me just say, there are TONS of rose varieties out there that are not your “typical” rose.

Also, check out these rose varieties below:

Pope John Paul II Hybrid Tea Rose

Florence Nightingale Floribunda Rose

Sweet Intoxication Rose

Miranda (Ausimmon) Rose

Patience Rose

Phoebe Rose

Rosalind Rose

Astrid Graffin Von Hardenberg Rose

Hope this helps with your flower search!

A source to find any & everything!

12 Mar

I visited one of my favorite sites, Green Wedding Shoes, and saw their recent post of a wedding decorated with paper lanterns shot by photographer Tanja Lippert.

Green Wedding Shoes

Isn’t that just gorgeous!!!?  Not only is the barn absolutely stunning with its cathedral-high ceilings, but that burst of color in the middle from the hanging lanterns is so modern and playful, such a perfect juxtaposition with the dark, rustic elements of the barn.

More pictures of this gorgeous, colorful barn wedding  shot by Tania Lippert below

If you’re looking for these lanterns, check out Luna Bazaar.  Jen Campbell at Green Wedding Shoes loves Luna Bazaar.  And so do I.

In fact, the hubby and I ordered some glass vases from them for our bookshelf a few years ago.

They have EVERYTHING you could ever want for your wedding decor, and all at great prices.

Here is a picture of a gorgeous wedding display using some of Luna Bazaar’s glass vases (see link above)

Green Wedding Shoes

And here is a spread from Better Homes & Gardens magazine on these fabulous glass votives.  They would be great on a table surrounding the guest book or as centerpieces for the dinner tables at your wedding.  Or…at home, on the mantle.  Or maybe for your wedding and then at home after.  Reuse!  *smile*

And look at this picture I found at Classic Bride of Luna Bazaar’s beautiful linen & wire lanterns.  They don’t look particularly special on their site, but look how absolutely gorgeous they are real life below!!

Here are some of my other favorites from their site.  ANY of them would look great at your wedding.

1::  Rattan Ball String Lights– these would look beautiful strung kind of low between trees outside or between tall posts outside your reception entry

2::  Colorful Paper Parsols– they have tons of different colors & even different shapes

3:: Round Hurricane Lantern– use some on each stair tread, lining both sides of the aisle you’ll walk down, one at the end of each row of seats during the ceremony, or even hanging from the trees or tent.  Try grouping three together as a bunch, and then re-use them from the ceremony to the reception for the centerpieces.

4::  Lotus Flower Candle Holder– I love love love these so much!  I can see using the fuchsia, red, and orange ones together in a moroccan or indian inspired wedding.

5:: Mercury Glass Votive– these can be both very formal & elegant, or surprisingly…even rustic and vintage, depending on the rest of your decor.  I can picture these in a barn or garden theme wedding, with other vintage & rustic elements.

6:: Eyelet Paper Lanterns– what I love so much about these lanterns is the absolutely beautiful light & shadow display they create.  The light from inside glows through the holes cut into the lanterns, and it is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

Those are just a few of the many beautiful pieces from Luna Bazaar.  If you haven’t been over to their site, you must check it out!  At first, it might be a bit overwhelming, but it’s worth the digging.  They have one of the biggest and definitely one of the best collections of accessories & decorations for your wedding, event, or even for your home.

Hope this source helps you!

Lifework at the Fairmont Hotel Event (menu, seating cards, & favor tags)

9 Mar

As promised, I am following up with the actual event pictures from my post on my Fairmont Hotel paper goods.  I can’t believe how beautiful the tables turned out for the Forever Fairmont event at the Fairmont Hotel in Seattle.

Just got the pictures of the decor (including my paper goods!) Love love the way the menus & seating cards play off of the gorgeous flowers, linens, & table decor designed by my friend and one of my inspirations – the incredibly fabulous Daniela at Bella Signature Design.