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Coverage of The Farm chicks show- coming today!

4 Jun

I am SO excited to be on my little inspiration vacation to…well…my home-town.  But, much needed!

Just a little heads up:  I will be bringing you live (I will seriously try) coverage of the Farm Chicks show- a fabulous flea-market/antiques fair with tons of vendors from around the country!  If “live” doesn’t seem to be agreeing with me, my ipad, or my blog, which is totally likely to happen since a lot of stars have to align for that to work out, then I will certainly be bringing you after-hours coverage of the show.  Promise!  Check back today for some incredible awesomeness & to see all the vintage goodies I neeeeeed in my home!

I woke up way too early this morning with butterflies in my stomach.  Lines are supposed to be four hours long to get in today, but I planned ahead and bought tickets during the very limited pre-sale hours yesterday and hopefully that will get me right in the door and snapping pictures left and right for your amusement.  Best part is, I’ll be with my partner in crime- my mom!  We’ll be pushing our budgets beyond what we should!  🙂  Pray the hubs is happy with my finds!

I’ll be back!


Pinterest is the new gray

25 May

Okay. Pinterest. Is. Amazing.  and if you haven’t discovered it already, do so now!

If you didn’t already know, Pinterest is my newest life-consuming obsession.  It keeps me up in bed way too late at night as I click and click and one thing leads to another…and pretty soon my husband groans and rolls over because he knows there is no reprieve from the bright screen light.  And, no joke, Pinterest wakes me up in the morning when I roll over, eyes half closed, and blindly feel for my Ipad to slowly wake up to the magnificence that is inspiration, gorgeousness, and beautiful eye candy.  It is literally a picture universe…a treat for the soul.

Did I mention I ♥ pinterest!?  Do they make a shirt for that?

Here’s what it is:

A website where you can keep folders called “Boards” of images you find or take in one place (and organized however you want!).  It is an amazing place for creatives, bloggers, and anyone really, to find inspiration.  I use it for my work all the time!!!  Best part is browsing other Pinterest users’ folders and getting lost in the world of ideas and inspiration.  Follow as many people as you want because the more people or boards you follow, the more beautiful things you will see from them on your homepage when you sign in.  Truly, if you’ve wondered where you can find all kinds of things you will love and obsess over, Pinterest is for you.  Not to mention, this is a great way to look busy when you’re really not.  Oh shush, I know you do it too.

So what do you say?  Sign up.  It’s free.  Once you sign up, you’ll learn about the “pin it” button which is incredible.  You can hit the button when you’re on any website and it pulls up all the images on that page where you can then select the one you want to “pin” back to your board on Pinterest.  Share, collect, browse from there!

You can view my boards here to get started

Here are some (and this is truly just SOME, because I have TONS) of my favorites to show you the amazing variety of boards you can find on the site from fashion to food to wedding decorations to interior design and all things in between!  So Fab!

You can click on the pics to take you to the curator’s board.






Welcome to the club and to the world of late nights and non-stop clicking.  You’ve been warned!

Beautiful lovelies

27 Apr

A little update to the

section of the blog.

Just a collection of some current loves.  Below are: things I need, gorgeous packaging, awesome products, great do-it-yourself tutorials, beautiful furniture, and maybe a few other things in there too.

You can click on the pictures to go to the source, buy the item, or view the DIY tutorial.  Just remember to hit the back arrow to come back here!


Necessary office goodies

18 Apr

I need these for my office.  Yum!

Lace tape


Mini Lomo camera keychains

Not Cot

Custom hand-calligraphy stamps

Swiss Miss

Rustic wooden desk

Jason Home & Garden

All about print techniques book

Curiosity Shoppe

Oh deer, paper clips!

Emmo Home

Vintage stamps…a must for business correspondence


Fabric tape.

Kate’s Paperie

These are amazing…

18 Apr

Happy Monday everyone!  Things have been super busy at Lifework Media; several invitations and video projects all coming due right around now (and yes, I will post them soon for you to see).  Makes for long days and not much “us” time…but I’m not complaining!

*** I LOVE MY JOB!! ***

I really do.  I’m so blessed to be able to make a living doing what I love, being creative, and making other people happy.  It’s true, I’m in the “happy business.”  I just realized this the other day when I started thinking about the people I work with who are starting businesses or growing them, or they’re getting married!  They want logos and business branding, and they’re excited about it!  Or, they want invitations and other paper goods for their weddings, one of the happiest times of their lives.  To be able to make people happy and put a smile on their face when they see my work…well…it makes me happy and I’m grateful for the chance!

And so, on a totally different note…I’m a voracious observer…obsessed (and I mean that in the best way possible)…obsessed! with all things pretty and inspirational.  Here are a few lovelies I needed to share with you:

Think of the number of books you could finish…


I dream of this fridge one day!  Not sure which color I’d choose; they’re all amazing!

Paper flower downloadable template.  Amazing.  Must do.

I think I need this table.

Yeah, I guess I could live in this boat house

Swoon!  Cutest thing ever!

Book of the month clutches!  Oh my word.  I want one.  They’re all fabulous!

That’s all folks!

Sources: Coastal Living, Design Sponge, Sears, template: Etsy, Patterson, Desire to Inspire, Sister/Brother, Kate Spade

Weekend love

15 Apr

Happy Friday to my loyal readers!

Thought I’d leave you some love for the weekend.  See you Monday!

I want one…

Community Live

I would do this if I had an outdoor wedding

Oh Hello Friend

How cool is this record wedding invite?

Loving this downloadable compliment bunting.

Okay…cutest cake ever

Herriott Grace

Wow, this is gorgeous and paintstakingly detailed.

Love all of these escort card ideas!

A gorgeous hand-cut paper creation

Happy Saturday- thought you’d like these links

2 Apr

Check out these super cute Hand Printed goods

You will find cute little luxuries in this E-zine

How about these adorable cake stands, plates, and more

Antique skeleton key necklace

Here are some beautiful and tasty treats

Pom Love

Have a happy weekend!

Circus-inspired packaging

1 Apr

I love creative and eye-catching packaging design.  So much so in fact, I am often the victim of advertising…or rather…of cool packaging.  If something looks fabulously amazing on the outside, it has to be amazing on the inside too!

No, I don’t actually think that.  But, nonetheless, I really do enjoy buying something simply for its appearance.  I guess I never learned the “It’s what’s inside that counts” or “Don’t judge a book by its cover” lessons  🙂  Okay, not really…I value those morals as well…but when it comes to work, and design, and inspiration, and eye candy….all morals are out the window!  🙂

Here is some circus inspired packaging I spied for three flavors of gourmet popping kernels called Carny Corn.  The designer, Theresa Decker, decided to create a circus side show act theme including Buttery Bessie (world’s fattest woman), Firey Hot Frank (fire breather) and Sweet & Salty Pip and Pop (siamese twins).  She used vintage broadsides as typographical inspiration and manipulated black & white imagery for each label.  The bags are printed canvas and are held in a custom made wooden crate with transferred typography.

It’s so creative and so cool looking I would definitely be tempted to buy this popcorn…even though I rarely ever eat it.

Confession: I spy, sometimes.

31 Mar

Yes…I am one of those people that can’t get enough of seeing people’s homes.  My mom and I used to spend hours…days…driving neighborhoods and pointing out the best, most fabulous houses we wanted “someday.”  But, the fact of the matter is, you really don’t know how fabulous a home is until you see the inside.

Unfortunately this habit has resorted to me pulling my poor husband into my schemes of “the house is vacant!  We must go peek in the windows!” and even once, “Let’s hop the fence, NOBODY lives in the house” to which, we got caught and embarrassingly talked our way out of it by proclaiming to the home-owner (with video surveillance on the property) that we were just SO in love with the house we had to see it for ourselves.  Luckily that turned into a private tour.

So…all this is to say…I have a horrible habit of peering into people’s windows at night as my husband drives the car quickly past.  Yes, I am a snoop, a spy, and I might even be pushing the law a bit.  I’m sorry, but how…how…can I possibly resist that peek into the inside of someone’s illuminated house where I’m sure to see amazing architecture, design, & inspiration!?  I can’t.

Needless to say, I have found a few online solutions to curb my intense desire to call up my real-estate agent and beg her to give me a tour of some of the houses on our street.  If I am able to look at the beautiful interiors of enough homes online, I just might be satiated enough to forget about those houses down the street that are calling my name.

Here are pictures of a sculpture artist’s home & studio.  I feel so privileged to be able to see inside this home!  It’s like I’ve been given a VIP pass into the most intimate, private world of this artist, his studio.  *excitement*  This is perfect inspiration for what I want my studio/barn to look like someday!

Hope you just fell in love, like I did, with this charming, adorable, rustic cabin!  Makes you want to give up livin’ the good life with workable plumbing to move out to a little cabin where you appreciate the raw beauty of things.  Fab.

A look inside the studio spaces of some very creative people

30 Mar

I’ve always loved peeks inside of artists studio spaces.  They are usually so eclectic, and all are different.  Every year in my town there are two days where you can “tour” participating artists studios, view demonstrations, and purchase art.  It’s fantastic!

So, on that note…have you ever heard of Where Women Create magazine?  It is a fabulously inspiring look into artists studios!

The magazine showcases successful creative businesses owned by women.  If that’s not good enough…it also shows pictures of their studios, lofts, home offices, etc…and they are all incredible!

Image: Where Women Create

Makes me want to get on top of setting up my office in the little cabin we have on our property.  …And setting up my letterpress shop in our barn.  Can’t WAIT for summer and warm weather so I can begin these projects!  Once the Lifework Media make-over is all complete, maybe we’ll even sign up to participate in the artists studio tours for next year!