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For the love of antlers

28 Jun

When we moved into our 1904 farm house almost a year ago, it was less “farm” and more “ranch”.  The previous owners had set the house up Montana ranch style- cowboys, antlers, bull horns, animal hides and all.

We really had to see past a lot, which we did of course…because we ended up buying the place.  Nonetheless…it has been quite the process of remodeling and redoing.

Our purchase came with a wonderful “perk” though!  Horrible, ugly, yucky antler chandeliers in the family room.


On the other hand…antlers have definitely made a comeback and I’ve been obsessed with all of the ones I’ve seen in the magazines, so what the heck!?

After much persuasion from the hubs to “make them work” Tim Gunn style…I created an antler inspiration board to help us.  While I don’t like the antler chandeliers we’ve got…I do LOVE white antlers, faux antlers (wood & ceramic?), & patterned antlers.  Love them!

What do you guys think?  I think it’s time we painted ours white…

and go….


We made a table. A reclaimed wood table. I die!

27 Jun

The title gives it all away.  This weekend my hubs and I took on the do-it-yourself task of building a coffee table.

But not just any coffee table.

I wanted a very large table.  I wanted a rustic table.  And I wanted a wood table made from old wood.

As I will with all of my future projects (whether it be work assignments or home projects), I began by collecting coffee table inspiration to one of  my boards on…where else….Pinterest.  My current true love.  Yes, Pinterest completes me!

Both the hubs and I wanted something different, but simple…and rustic, but not TOO rustic.  But most importantly, we wanted something really big.

First, we gathered some old wood planks on our property from the original barn.  We had collected this wood and brought it indoors as soon as we moved in, knowing we were going to use it for some projects someday.  The wood planks are gorgeous, with a sun-bleached gray color & rusted nails that have run & dyed the wood surrounding them.  Effects you can only achieve with age.  Love!

We cut the planks into 5 foot long boards, and then boxed them in with boards we cut in half, lengthwise.  We reinforced the table top from underneath with boards from an old picnic table (seen below).

For the legs, we used a big old pillar found by the barn, cut into four pieces.  And last, we cut more of the planks into 3.5 inch strips to use as reinforcements between the legs and the table top.

Tomorrow we need to putty up the visible screws and paint over the putty to match the wood.  Then we will seal the wood with a clear matte varnish/shellac, which will prevent splinters…or stains if we happen to spill on it, which I’m sure we will.

The result is the perfect combination of imperfection, age, and love with a classic table structure.  Did I mention…I love!?

Not bad for a first!  What do ya think!?

Beautiful lovelies

27 Apr

A little update to the

section of the blog.

Just a collection of some current loves.  Below are: things I need, gorgeous packaging, awesome products, great do-it-yourself tutorials, beautiful furniture, and maybe a few other things in there too.

You can click on the pictures to go to the source, buy the item, or view the DIY tutorial.  Just remember to hit the back arrow to come back here!