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Beautiful lovelies

27 Apr

A little update to the

section of the blog.

Just a collection of some current loves.  Below are: things I need, gorgeous packaging, awesome products, great do-it-yourself tutorials, beautiful furniture, and maybe a few other things in there too.

You can click on the pictures to go to the source, buy the item, or view the DIY tutorial.  Just remember to hit the back arrow to come back here!



It’s expensive…but you should do it

19 Apr

Can someone please do this and send me the pictures?  🙂

Pet Portrait Stuffed Animals

Or else, I just might have to.

Necessary office goodies

18 Apr

I need these for my office.  Yum!

Lace tape


Mini Lomo camera keychains

Not Cot

Custom hand-calligraphy stamps

Swiss Miss

Rustic wooden desk

Jason Home & Garden

All about print techniques book

Curiosity Shoppe

Oh deer, paper clips!

Emmo Home

Vintage stamps…a must for business correspondence


Fabric tape.

Kate’s Paperie

These are amazing…

18 Apr

Happy Monday everyone!  Things have been super busy at Lifework Media; several invitations and video projects all coming due right around now (and yes, I will post them soon for you to see).  Makes for long days and not much “us” time…but I’m not complaining!

*** I LOVE MY JOB!! ***

I really do.  I’m so blessed to be able to make a living doing what I love, being creative, and making other people happy.  It’s true, I’m in the “happy business.”  I just realized this the other day when I started thinking about the people I work with who are starting businesses or growing them, or they’re getting married!  They want logos and business branding, and they’re excited about it!  Or, they want invitations and other paper goods for their weddings, one of the happiest times of their lives.  To be able to make people happy and put a smile on their face when they see my work…well…it makes me happy and I’m grateful for the chance!

And so, on a totally different note…I’m a voracious observer…obsessed (and I mean that in the best way possible)…obsessed! with all things pretty and inspirational.  Here are a few lovelies I needed to share with you:

Think of the number of books you could finish…


I dream of this fridge one day!  Not sure which color I’d choose; they’re all amazing!

Paper flower downloadable template.  Amazing.  Must do.

I think I need this table.

Yeah, I guess I could live in this boat house

Swoon!  Cutest thing ever!

Book of the month clutches!  Oh my word.  I want one.  They’re all fabulous!

That’s all folks!

Sources: Coastal Living, Design Sponge, Sears, template: Etsy, Patterson, Desire to Inspire, Sister/Brother, Kate Spade

Weekend love

15 Apr

Happy Friday to my loyal readers!

Thought I’d leave you some love for the weekend.  See you Monday!

I want one…

Community Live

I would do this if I had an outdoor wedding

Oh Hello Friend

How cool is this record wedding invite?

Loving this downloadable compliment bunting.

Okay…cutest cake ever

Herriott Grace

Wow, this is gorgeous and paintstakingly detailed.

Love all of these escort card ideas!

A gorgeous hand-cut paper creation

Things you will love; from a colorful rug to a cute hairstyle

9 Apr

Love this office.  Especially the super happy, colorful rug which I want.  Anyone know where it’s from?


This makes me smile.  And I’m not sure if it’s the mirror or the sweet little girl.  But either way, pure happiness.

Martha Stewart

Oh my…

Apartment Therapy


Once Wed

I’m SO going to do this come Christmas


Chalk walls!  Adore.

And this headboard…

Need I say more?

Everyone needs a quiet little reading nook


One of my fav hair styles.  Must do more often.

Style Me Pretty

Need this in my future studio in the barn, especially the swing!

Giants Live

Hope you enjoyed some of these beautiful things!

Happy Saturday- thought you’d like these links

2 Apr

Check out these super cute Hand Printed goods

You will find cute little luxuries in this E-zine

How about these adorable cake stands, plates, and more

Antique skeleton key necklace

Here are some beautiful and tasty treats

Pom Love

Have a happy weekend!

2nd edition of Things We ♥ for those who may need some inspiration

27 Feb

I find inspiration in absolutely everything!  Sometimes I forget to pay attention to what I’m doing because I’m so busy looking around.  Thank God for a wonderfully supportive and patient husband!  🙂  To be honest, I really can’t go anywhere without seeing something I can use for work, to inspire creativity, or to utilize in my house remodel …and I write it all down for later use.

Things We Heart ♥ is born out of that growing list and I feel it’s something I should share with all of you because every once in a while I think everyone needs a little extra somethin somethin to make their hearts go pitter patter.

Here are ten of my somethin somethins:

The Artomat– art vending machine project.  It’s awesome!  Is there one in your city?

Olive Manna– love it all, but currently really digging the Newsprint bags/wrapping paper

Christian Faur- Crayon Portraits.  How amazing is that!?

Carl Kleiner- inspiring art

Terrain– love the rope chandelier and the metal flour bin

Sketch Ice Cream– amazing name.  amazing website.  amazing interior & business branding- so fun & creative!

Etcetera– love this book and you will too

Free Spirit Fabrics– perfect for reupholstering that ugly, old wing-back chair you have and turning it into a modern twist on the old

Eco-friendly Garden Collection– by H & M.  Pure adorable.

Letterpress Movie– this is such a wonderful & tactile form of art

Things we ♥

18 Nov

Need some Thursday night love??  Yes, you say?  Well good, because we’re going to start a new random post called… ***drum roll please***

…a collection of links to the best, coolest, most fabulous things ever!  Or at least we think so.  And THAT should fill your love bucket.

While I wish I could keep all of the bestest things I find to myself…it’s really no fun…and I want all of you to experience and see some of the magnificence that I find so fun, inspirational, creative, and amazing!

Here are some of my faves

to keep you busy

to inspire you

to make you wish you could be an artist

to start you on a wicked whirlwind of blog hopping

and to make you smile…. hopefully

Click the pictures to go to the sites


Sticker Wallpaper– so incredible!!!

Book Alphabet– wow.  Need I say more?

Laduree– even their trucks look delicious

Peter Callesen- he’s amazing!!

Shona Heath– she’s pretty amazing too!

That’s it for tonight!  Hope that got you started and inspired something in you!
More amazingness next week.