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We were featured on Style Me Pretty blog

9 Jan

Okay, I know you’ve seen this shoot a bunch now, but this time it was featured on one of the greatest wedding blogs everrr, Style Me Pretty– check it out to see the full feature and the fabulous florals by Daniela Faget.  We were so excited to see so many great shots of our paper goodies and our name listed in the vendors list at the end.

Thank you, Style Me Pretty, for the feature!! …and Justin & Mary Marantz for including us in your shoot!




It’s here! For The Love of Press- now open for business!

7 Oct

Well…finally…the big secret can officially be unveiled!

Our yummy letterpress stationery shop is now open online!  Go check it out!

I’m so excited to introduce this line to you and so excited about the fact that we are able to provide “customizable” details.  Basically every card you see is able to be changed and printed in any colors you want.  Not to mention, we have delicious envelope liner patterns for you to pick and choose from to match (or contrast!) with your cards.  Drool!

Just for the record, we are currently working on a ton of new cards & other goodies (think calendars, note pads, coasters, and more) to add to our line.

Hope you enjoy our goods!


Coverage of The Farm chicks show- coming today!

4 Jun

I am SO excited to be on my little inspiration vacation to…well…my home-town.  But, much needed!

Just a little heads up:  I will be bringing you live (I will seriously try) coverage of the Farm Chicks show- a fabulous flea-market/antiques fair with tons of vendors from around the country!  If “live” doesn’t seem to be agreeing with me, my ipad, or my blog, which is totally likely to happen since a lot of stars have to align for that to work out, then I will certainly be bringing you after-hours coverage of the show.  Promise!  Check back today for some incredible awesomeness & to see all the vintage goodies I neeeeeed in my home!

I woke up way too early this morning with butterflies in my stomach.  Lines are supposed to be four hours long to get in today, but I planned ahead and bought tickets during the very limited pre-sale hours yesterday and hopefully that will get me right in the door and snapping pictures left and right for your amusement.  Best part is, I’ll be with my partner in crime- my mom!  We’ll be pushing our budgets beyond what we should!  🙂  Pray the hubs is happy with my finds!

I’ll be back!

Water for Elephants sneak peek

20 May

Folks- I apologize for my severe lack of regular posts to the blog!  I’m horrible, I know!  I don’t know what has gotten into me other than being incredibly busy with fun projects and just not having enough hours in the day!  Plus, not to mention…on a darker note- my dad- a heart surgeon himself- had a heart attack this Wednesday night…and I flew back to my hometown to be with him.  All is well and he’ll be fine!!!  Yay!!!  But I suppose that’s not helping on the blogging front.  Here’s an update!

On Wednesday I was able to participate in the setup and styling of a mock wedding for the amazing Share the Love and Walk Through a Wedding tour by Justin & Mary. I got a glimpse from behind the scenes, rather than just handing my paper designs off to someone else to setup. And what do you know?…I loved being a part of the excitement!  Styling = fun.  Who knew!?  🙂

The setup was fab, the flowers were gorgeous, and of course the venue (Sodo Park) is amazing!  Sodo is a huge HUGE raw space with amazing windows, super incredibly high ceilings, and awesome rustic wood, beams, & paint.  I considered this venue for my wedding a couple years back.  LOVED it, but we ended up deciding we wanted a smaller space since we were inviting a small number of guests- no way we could have filled it!

On that point…the craziest part of setting up Walk Through a Wedding was realizing how big the space was compared to the sets we had staged.  I couldn’t get over how tiny & unimpressive our sets looked, even though they were fabulous!  What the heck?  But really, it’s all in the photography & how all of the details are captured…which leads me to my next point…

We were featured on Justin & Mary’s blog where they posted a sneak peek of the shoot for all to see (scroll down a bit on their page)!  Enjoy!  All the paper goodies & bunting you see (Kisses 5 cents) were my designs in case you care.  🙂  The whole thing turned out soo swoon worthy and gorgeous.  Love!

Paper goods for a themed photog event

11 May

Just got a request yesterday to design paper goods and accessories for the Spread the Love photography & wedding industry workshop tour, making a pit stop in Seattle.  The best part is the theme, based on the book & movie Water for Elephants.  Can I say yum!?  Yes please!

The photographers have a fab…and I mean FAB website.  Not to mention, I love how in all of my correspondence I am seeing “Yay” and “So excited!” left and right.  Makes me feel good to realize I am not the only one to use ecstatic, over-the-top verbage!  Hey, we love what we do!  Sha-zam.

We’re talking about dramatic, gritty, vintage circus-inspired goods & colors.  Here’s the inspiration board we were given to work with and the photog’s blog post about the theme.

Catch is, the event is next week and I have to come up with all kinds of goodies for it…on a really tight time-line!

Luckily, I’m collaborating with the fabulous Daniela of Bella Signature Design on this event and on a different circus-themed event in July, so I’ll be using a lot of the same details and designs we’ve already created, with a wee bit of tweaking.

Did I mention you should sign up for the workshop?  Well, here goes: you should sign up for the workshop!  “Walk Through A Wedding” spots are limited to 2o photographers per event, and the “Spread the Love” workshop is for any and all wedding industry professionals or business owners.  In fact, I would love to attend.  Gotta make that happen.  and go.

Images, designs, and more to follow after the event!

Thanks for tuning in.

Thank you!

10 May

Thanks thanks thank you to all the wonderful people who contacted me after our 25% off giveaway!  What a surprise!

To those I knew and those I just met…I am thrilled to begin working with you and to create the perfect design together.

And…while you have me…here is an image I found yesterday.  I just had to share.

Gorgeous, no?

source: Style Me Pretty

Our first “giveaway” to all our loyal readers

5 May

As I’ve seen all over the blog & design world…it is important to offer special “somethings” for those of you who make our blogs worthwhile-  our loyal readers!!

So, in honor of you…

we’re offering 25% off of everything to anyone who contacts us through the blog in the next 7 days for custom invitations, logos, business cards, branding & identity packages, or anything else you might be looking to create.  And this applies to letterpress too if you’re interested!  Which is huge!

Offer ends May 12th, so hurry on over and email me ( about your project & for pricing.   Secret word is “YAY” and I expect you to put it in that email somewhere so I know you found us through the blog!  🙂  Yay!

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Everything design. It’s time for a change.

7 Mar

Okay, not so much of a change as an ongoing progression….but, thanks to all the blog support & growing visitors, the Lifework Media blog will be expanding to cover much more than just what we’ve been creating & doing here at work.

I love my readers; it’s all about you guys….so I want to spoil you with just a little bit more for your eyes to feast upon!  I plan to offer up pure awesomeness in design; focusing on categories such as weddings, home, graphics, and more.  I will post pictures for inspiration and resources for where to find & buy products.  We may include some do-it-yourself projects & ideas, and possibly an often updated “top trends” list, plus some of our own work as well.  You can expect to find inspiring & beautiful ideas and products for decorating your home, wedding, or party; centerpieces, escort-card displays, gift table decor, invitation design, furniture, style & “theme” ideas, and more.  Plus, you’ll find creative & beautiful design in packaging (bottles, labels, boxes, and products) or websites or logos or anything else beautiful and creative…  Not to mention, we’ll let you know when we can make or design something you see on our blog- you might already be in the right place!

My promise to you:

I will post anything I find inspiring and beautiful (and there is a lot)!

It’s all in the works right now as we brainstorm ideas and figure out how to organize this all on one site.  In the interim- keep visiting to see the progress and please give us a little bit of time to get everything switched over and completed!

Oh, and you might see that “header” at the top of the blog change often until I’m happy with it.

Enjoy!  And thanks for being a loyal reader.  You’re appreciated and loved!  ♥

Our new acquisition- a Chandler & Price Letterpress

24 Oct


Love it, am obsessed with it, can’t get enough of it.

I think letterpress is the absolute most beautiful form of art ever and I have been dying to own a letterpress machine and learn how to use it for soo long!  Plus, it would be a great skill to add to my repertoire and a great service to provide for my clients.

Hence, we at Lifework Media drove down to Portland, Oregon to meet a printer and to buy his old Chandler & Price press!  The guy’s printing shop was in a huge warehouse and filled with TONS of printing goodies from paper folders, to laminators, to old presses (plus gorgeous work tables, cameras, and more).

I was in heaven…and this letterpress is so so fantastic.

It’s really no easy task to move these 1,800 pound behemoths!  We had to rent a Uhaul in Portland to get this thing back home.  Not to mention, use a forklift to get it into the Uhaul.  Luckily there was a guy next to the warehouse that had a forklift and did the work for us!  But once we got back- we had to rent one to get it out and into the barn that will be converted into my studio soon!  This letterpress was almost…and I mean…ALLMOOST too heavy for the forklift – which wobbled and tipped forward a few times during the process.

Creative work

20 Mar

Lifework Media has done a lot of work for clients over the past seven years, and while we’ve enjoyed every bit of it, we’ve really begun branching out into the more creative endeavors as I discussed before.  It seems that side of the business grows every week!  No complaints here.

In the past, our focus has primarily been on corporate, industrial work.  In many ways it is still our favorite industry to shoot video and design for- though I’ve really become passionate about the fun & stylish design opportunities that have come up recently and I find I’m working for fun in the evenings, instead of taking them “off.”

I think mainly I will showcase this new aspect of the business (creative, fun, stylish works), because I don’t know if people are interested in corporate design much??

Here and there I will upload some of our corporate client work as well, just to keep you informed in a bit of the other work we’re doing.

Stay tuned!