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It’s here! For The Love of Press- now open for business!

7 Oct

Well…finally…the big secret can officially be unveiled!

Our yummy letterpress stationery shop is now open online!  Go check it out!

I’m so excited to introduce this line to you and so excited about the fact that we are able to provide “customizable” details.  Basically every card you see is able to be changed and printed in any colors you want.  Not to mention, we have delicious envelope liner patterns for you to pick and choose from to match (or contrast!) with your cards.  Drool!

Just for the record, we are currently working on a ton of new cards & other goodies (think calendars, note pads, coasters, and more) to add to our line.

Hope you enjoy our goods!



home grown goodies

4 Oct

I’ve been taking pictures of the progress of our garden as it has grown…and then as it has taken over the world.  This garden was such a huge success the hubs and I have been kicking ourselves that we started with too many of each plant.  Yes, we were afraid most wouldn’t make it, as usual, so to be sure we would get some of everything, we planted extras.  Oops.

Not only is everything doing well, but everything is either bigger, stronger, or taller than any we’ve seen.  If I didn’t mention this earlier, we rototilled a TON of really old chicken poop into the soil before we planted everything.  We found the chicken poop in our chicken coop on our property (which has yet to be used by us- though the plan is to get some chickens this spring.  Think, farm fresh eggs!  Yes please!).  I credit the entire success of the garden to the chicken poop we used.  It’s like Kryptonite to Super Man.  No…it’s like girls to Charlie Sheen.  Case in point…our tomato plants are not little bushes…they’re trees!  No joke.

Sadly though, now it’s getting colder outside and our precious food source is starting to die off.  I’m bummed!

Here are some pictures to show you the progress of the garden and the tasty treats we were able to harvest!


This was taken right after we planted everything.  You can just barely see the plants, but they’re there.  Also, note the grapes (growing up the posts) and how small they are.

BEFORE of side garden

AFTER- the grapes are growing up the arbor!  Eventually, cute little gate under there and into the garden.

Yay!  Veggies are planted!  BEFORE picture

AFTER six weeks picture

BEFORE of peas on the teepees, and corn starts to the left

AFTER 8 weeks (peas!!) & corn!

It’s growing!

Corn is gettin tall..

The pumpkin patch is taking over.  Next year, definitely not planting pumpkins in the garden…they will get their own pasture!

A nice row of cabbage

Those tomato plants are SO small here!

Pumpkins looking into the tomato plants (yes, those are basically tomato trees in the background!!!)

A green pumpkin

the most delicious squash!

Broccoli…by far the best I’ve ever had

we couldn’t keep up w/the zucchini…so sometimes it got a wee bit big.  See hand vs zucchini?  Zucchini wins.

Three diff. types of corn & two diff. varieties of cucumber.  Yum!

Artichoke!  But didn’t harvest it this year, because you’re supposed to wait til year 2.

A cucumber on the vine.

Yes, that’s right…that’d be eggplant!  TONS of them!

Bell peppers.  mmm!

Pumpkins are turning orange!  This one is huuuuge, but hard to tell, I know.

Apples from two of our trees.

Couple varieties of pears from our trees!


That’s all folks!



For the love of antlers

28 Jun

When we moved into our 1904 farm house almost a year ago, it was less “farm” and more “ranch”.  The previous owners had set the house up Montana ranch style- cowboys, antlers, bull horns, animal hides and all.

We really had to see past a lot, which we did of course…because we ended up buying the place.  Nonetheless…it has been quite the process of remodeling and redoing.

Our purchase came with a wonderful “perk” though!  Horrible, ugly, yucky antler chandeliers in the family room.


On the other hand…antlers have definitely made a comeback and I’ve been obsessed with all of the ones I’ve seen in the magazines, so what the heck!?

After much persuasion from the hubs to “make them work” Tim Gunn style…I created an antler inspiration board to help us.  While I don’t like the antler chandeliers we’ve got…I do LOVE white antlers, faux antlers (wood & ceramic?), & patterned antlers.  Love them!

What do you guys think?  I think it’s time we painted ours white…

and go….

We made a table. A reclaimed wood table. I die!

27 Jun

The title gives it all away.  This weekend my hubs and I took on the do-it-yourself task of building a coffee table.

But not just any coffee table.

I wanted a very large table.  I wanted a rustic table.  And I wanted a wood table made from old wood.

As I will with all of my future projects (whether it be work assignments or home projects), I began by collecting coffee table inspiration to one of  my boards on…where else….Pinterest.  My current true love.  Yes, Pinterest completes me!

Both the hubs and I wanted something different, but simple…and rustic, but not TOO rustic.  But most importantly, we wanted something really big.

First, we gathered some old wood planks on our property from the original barn.  We had collected this wood and brought it indoors as soon as we moved in, knowing we were going to use it for some projects someday.  The wood planks are gorgeous, with a sun-bleached gray color & rusted nails that have run & dyed the wood surrounding them.  Effects you can only achieve with age.  Love!

We cut the planks into 5 foot long boards, and then boxed them in with boards we cut in half, lengthwise.  We reinforced the table top from underneath with boards from an old picnic table (seen below).

For the legs, we used a big old pillar found by the barn, cut into four pieces.  And last, we cut more of the planks into 3.5 inch strips to use as reinforcements between the legs and the table top.

Tomorrow we need to putty up the visible screws and paint over the putty to match the wood.  Then we will seal the wood with a clear matte varnish/shellac, which will prevent splinters…or stains if we happen to spill on it, which I’m sure we will.

The result is the perfect combination of imperfection, age, and love with a classic table structure.  Did I mention…I love!?

Not bad for a first!  What do ya think!?

So we planted a garden

13 Jun

Well, before I get started…I know, I know…I have been bad about updating the little bloggity.  I’m sorry!

Things have been crazy busy, as we’ve been making big changes at Lifeworkmedia.  The business is evolving and growing and heading into all new territory and while it is exciting and I can’t wait to make the big announcement, I know I need to hold off until it is officially the “right time.”  Just know, you’ll be seeing a whole lot more from LifeworkMedia…(not just video production and graphics anymore).  Yay!

On a personal note, we’ve been doing a lot of evolving on the home front as well.  Here are a few pics of the garden we just planted last week.

Garden BEFORE picture:

Yes, there is a fenced in area in this picture.  Oh, and a little stone shed too!  Just completely hidden and overgrown.  This is how it was when we bought the house & property.  (you can just barely see the roof of the shed peeking out from behind those grape leaves…off to the left of the middle of the picture)

Garden AFTER pictures:

Oh hey!  A shed!

Lookit all the food!

Pretty neat huh!?  We’ve got:

4 diff. kinds of peas, including my favorite Edamame

5 kinds of cucumbers

2 kinds of corn

15 varieties of tomatoes

purple Eggplant

Red, Green, & Orange Bell Peppers

3 kinds of carrots


White & Purple cabbage

3 kinds of lettuce + spinach





Acorn Squash

5 diff. kinds of pumpkins



Red & yellow watermelon

Honeydew Melon

annd…I’m prob. forgetting something.

Yum…loving the idea of going out to the garden to pick anything we want for dinner or to add to a salad, without making a run to the store!!!  Fabulous!

Love. All you need is love!

13 Feb

Today is a day to let those we love know just how much they mean to us!  When I stop to think about everyone in my life who is special and important to me, I get a bit overwhelmed with how blessed I have been!

I am lucky to have:

– a mom, stepdad, dad, and stepmom who I love to spend time with!  You guys are all an amazing support system.

– a pretty sweet brother- even though it’s been rocky at times- I know he’s there for me and I love him

–  in-laws who understand and are incredibly great at encouraging and supporting and helping

– a killer extended family (step siblings, more in-laws-brother and sisters, and pretty cool aunt, cousin, and uncle too)

– two wonderfully sweet, cuddly, and loving step-kids…but I really HATE to call them that…they’re just my KIDS!  And I love them!

– loyal friends.  Those I keep in touch with, and even those I don’t-  all important to me- especially those once a year catch-ups.

– one dog and two puppies.  They are unconditionally loving and kissy…and it’s wonderful to come home to such happiness, barks, jumps, and wagging tails!

– a perfect husband.  for me.  flaws.  imperfections.  goofy weird things he does and all.  those are what make him my husband and not someone else.

– grandparents.  all of them are still here!


This Valentine’s Day someone is standing out a bit.  No, she’s not more important or better….but she IS important…and she’s in with the BEST….and she’s just been on my mind.

This Valentine’s Day I’m thinking of my Grandma Rhoda.  Quiet, introspective, reserved.  She watches and listens- REALLY listens…and seems to just take it all in.  When I’m with her, I know she’s 100% there and won’t forget a single thing.  I know I have her complete attention and THAT is something to really cherish these days.  Truth is, you just don’t find it much.

I didn’t spend much time with Grandma Rhoda growing up…for whatever reason.  But I had the privilege of spending a good three/four days with her this past October.  ONLY 3-4 days though, because as she says, “Guests are like fish.  After a few days they start to smell.”  🙂  I feel her visit was the greatest thing ever because now I have a relationship with her that I really missed as a child, and hadn’t even realize what I missed out on.

Now I know.

To me, my Grandma Rhoda is strong & perseverant.  She’s a feminist in a way- not bound by the old-fashioned expectations of mothers or wives.  She’s bold.  To me, my Grandma Rhoda follows her heart, goes after what she wants, and doesn’t worry about the world and what they’ll say.  She’s loving.  She’s supportive.  But not in a I’ll-tell-you-all-the-time kind of way.  When she says she loves you she means it.  And it means a lot to you …because she doesn’t say it so often they’re just words.

And if she doesn’t love you, I don’t think she’ll pretend.  You know what you’re getting with her.  She’s real.

I guess I wanted to make this year’s Valentine’s Day a tribute to her because I’m inspired by her, and because everyone should know.  And she’s special to everyone who knows her, even though she’s far away and I don’t see her often.    And because…Valentine’s Day is not only for husbands & marriages…but also maybe to new found friendships with someone you never really got to know.  For me, this is Grandma Rhoda!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone I love!!!

Chartreuse & Gray- I brought work home

26 Oct

We just bought a new house on five acres.  It’s an old 1910 original farmhouse; absolutely awesome, and totally inspirational.  The property is filled with outbuildings galore!!  A potential office space someday- an adorable little art studio for all my creations- and of course a barn which now holds my new C&P letterpress and will be completely revamped and remodeled soon I hope (to become my print shop)!  The house needs a lot of work, in a good way.  Did I mention it was built in 1910?  We are the THIRD owners EVER of this property…so while the whole house has been updated and remodeled and additions have been added, it still needs a ton of work to get it to look like what I envisioned when I walked through the doors for the first time.

First, I have to say: I loooove gray.  EVERYTHING I have is some shade of gray right now.  The walls, some furniture, clothes….I’ve even painted the bathroom vanity gray.  On that note, I’m also really into chartreuse & burnt yellow- hence- I brought my favorite inspiration colors that I want to use on all of my design work into the house and painted our dining room a few weeks ago a BEAUTIFUL shade of chartreuse next to the world’s most perfect gray paint ever (Benjamin Moore- Stardust).  Yes, I didn’t want to give out the name because I want to be the only one with that perfect color of gray in my house…but I know any of you designy, artsy, creatives out there would kill me if I didn’t give out the secret.  Grr.  Not to mention, this chartreuse has a fabulous chameleon effect and changes colors in the sunlight!!  During the day, it is a burnt yellow- at night…a vibrant shade of chartreuse.  I LOVE IT!

One room at a time.  🙂