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Farm Chicks coverage- Day 1

4 Jun

“A Farm Chick is a girl who sees the world through rose-colored glasses.  She loves her family.  She laughs a lot.  She’s farmgirl meets Fifth Avenue and with a little style, she’ll change the world.”  -Farm Chicks Website

Today I died and went to Farm Chicks Fair.

Yes, it was pure heaven!  Now I’m so inspired to jump into my home remodel & design all over again!  I’ve kind of let that slide a bit as I’ve been so side tracked with work and all kinds of other things.

oh …and my poor husband has the longest honey-do list ever now…  ooops.  Gotta say, sometimes it is just really difficult for me to spend money on something I know I can easily make myself.  This is where my darn business & art degrees get in the way!  “Spend money?  Why would I when I can just make it!?”  But then my mom ever so kindly reminds me “Where in the world will you find the time!?”  True.  I think I have over 100 pictures of things I didn’t buy because I wanted to make them…still hasn’t happened.  Okay, that needs to change.

Here’s a recap of some lovelies my partner-in-crime (my mom) and I spied today.  Now let me just say….the lines…were long.  LONG! to get in today.  Even our “exclusive” line, where we waited for 30 minutes.

We were in a group that got to go in earlier than the general public (go us!) and STILL…by the time I eyed something I really couldn’t live without…there was already a SOLD sign on it!  Unfortunately, this just adds to the pressure to impulse buy, which I did.  But even now as I’m sitting in my mom’s living room looking over my purchases I realize…they are golden!  I hit the jackpot and walked out of there with goodies I am still happy with!  I. am. good!  No regrets.  Phew!

This is the line we were in to get in early.  The line for people that didn’t have tickets was a bazillion miles long! 

Almost to the entrance!  I can see it….

Oh my…what a lovely apothecary chest!  And HUGE too!  2.5 ft wide  x 5.5 ft tall and all for $195.  This would be great for an entryway or laundry room.  Little drawers for keys, gloves, mail, and all the junk I throw on my kitchen island.  Somehow I think my junk would look better in these little compartments.  Duh.

Nonetheless…I contemplated buying this for too long.  Came back 30 minutes later and it was sold!  sad!

No, these are not just rotten old wheels.  These are casters!  And they are big!  And they are gold in the world of design.  Stick these on the bottom of a table, bookshelf, cart, or anything…and boy you have the perfect, industrial furniture piece.  $5 a wheel….and $20 later I walked away with a fabulous vision & new addition to the honey-do-list!  Priceless!

Art cabinet.  $225.  This might look brand-spanking new in this photo- but it totally exudes vintage charm up-close & personal.    Amazing!

Cubby cabinet.  $95.  Found in a 100 yr old barn!. I need one of these!  But this is one of those things I just have to make myself/have the husband make from some of our old reclaimed barn-wood we found on our property.  I couldn’t justify spending the dough when I have such a handy-man at home.

This was a fairly large cubby cabinet too, and for my purposes I would prefer a much smaller, counter-top-size find to hold postcards, letters, bills, and other mail.  At least it will look cute and organized that way.

Okay.  I saw this…and while it is a darling chalkboard that would look fabulous in my kitchen or dining room wall with possibly…a menu? dare I?…what was written on it was just too good to pass up and really made me feel good about any future purchases I was soon to contemplate.  Knowing he called…and gave permission nonetheless…perfection!

This is a tin pie box…$25…but boy…I could certainly see using this for jewelry.

LOVED this cart on casters!  $425.  Wouldn’t this make a fab kitchen island!?  Not to mention, those wire baskets are pretty unbeatable…like…say…on my fireplace hearth…

This hutch.  Dining room.  To die for!  $395.  I soooo sooo contemplated this!  Maybe tomorrow if it’s still there then it was meant to be… (sorry Baby)

Love these lights!  Over the kitchen Island?  Yes please!

This milk crate was in perfect condition and  SO beautiful!  $24.  Stack magazines inside this next to the couch…

This was one of my favorite pieces in the whole show!  This thing is massive, original, and just gorgeous gorgeous wood with glimpses of the type/stencils left on each drawer.  Swoon!  And yet again…the casters just make it even better.  Yum.  Only downside- $895.  Wasn’t feeling that today.  Maybe tomorrow!  Hahah…I crack myself up.

Close up

1904 fireplace mantle.  $350, which is a great price!  I want it…but I already have one!  Put some candle sticks or books in the opening and you’ve got a funky twist to a classic piece.  Necessary.  Yes. 

Oh my.  LOVELY!  And it swings!!!  Ahhhh.  This would look so great on a charming covered porch.  Looks uncomfortable though and the price tag at $500 was a no brainer.  Couldn’t.  No…wouldn’t…do it. 

Epic picture fail…I know.  But if you can somehow look past that you can kind of see the fabulousness of this behind-the-couch table.  Adore!  Especially with a price tag of $150.

Close up

Hey!  Another cubby cabinet!  $90.  I sooooo love, and this time it was the perfect size for my counter top and all my trinkets & mail.  Cha-ching!

This bench.  $425.  Swoon-worthy!  Circa 1800’s, found in an Austrian estate!  Can I say amazing? 

Make a single, long custom cushion and voila…indoor couch for a sitting room.  Not to mention, this booth’s burlap pillows were fabulous.  I think this was the most popular booth at the show because of their pillows…but $60 a pillow!?  ouch!  Not even I could justify that one. 

I’m not sure what this is or how much it was.  Ooops.  I think it was a vintage piece with newly re-upholstered cushions…but mainly I put it up here because of its Chevron stripes print!  Love! 

These. Are. Amazing.  Antique oversize wine bottles & storage containers.  Oh Em Gee.  These things are MASSIVE!  About 3 ft tall & 1.5 ft wide.  And the metal baskets they are in…wow.  $150…which is a steal because I’ve seen these for around $400-500 everywhere else.  I think I need one tomorrow when I go back for day 2. 

Now…bear with me and think out of the box a bit…the glass bottle on the floor as a lamp base—metal post straight up—and then the metal basket, flipped upside down, and used as the “lamp shade.”  I know I’ve seen this somewhere…

Here we go…something kind of like this idea…but with those metal baskets instead.  Fab!


Another couple of apothecary chests.

This time a mini one!  Oh my.  This looks like jewelry heaven!  $85

And another huge one…for laundry room or entry way goodness.  $229.  The perfect “catch all” furniture piece. 

Of course….apothecary jars.  $24 & $12.  I went in with the goal of buying several of these for my antique fireplace mantel that the hubs randomly brought out of storage and thus, brought it back to life, into our dining room.  Yet I left with not a single one!  Not sure what that was about…but I’ll rectify the situation tomorrow at day 2.  Relief.  And no regrets. 


A tool chest…turned jewelry chest?  $125.  Amazing!

Lockers lockers lockers!  Oh my.  I really would love this for my office.  $500.  Ouch.  But probably totally worth the pain. 

Huge vintage metal letters.  $30 each!  Such a fabulous price!  I wanted to get these for “LIFEWORK” but they didn’t have all the letters to spell it!  Grr!  Maybe I need just a big ole “M” for Marissa. 

Well, thats the end of Day 1.  We’re exhausted!  And yet…I’m going back tomorrow?

Of course!!


Beautiful lovelies

27 Apr

A little update to the

section of the blog.

Just a collection of some current loves.  Below are: things I need, gorgeous packaging, awesome products, great do-it-yourself tutorials, beautiful furniture, and maybe a few other things in there too.

You can click on the pictures to go to the source, buy the item, or view the DIY tutorial.  Just remember to hit the back arrow to come back here!


These are amazing…

18 Apr

Happy Monday everyone!  Things have been super busy at Lifework Media; several invitations and video projects all coming due right around now (and yes, I will post them soon for you to see).  Makes for long days and not much “us” time…but I’m not complaining!

*** I LOVE MY JOB!! ***

I really do.  I’m so blessed to be able to make a living doing what I love, being creative, and making other people happy.  It’s true, I’m in the “happy business.”  I just realized this the other day when I started thinking about the people I work with who are starting businesses or growing them, or they’re getting married!  They want logos and business branding, and they’re excited about it!  Or, they want invitations and other paper goods for their weddings, one of the happiest times of their lives.  To be able to make people happy and put a smile on their face when they see my work…well…it makes me happy and I’m grateful for the chance!

And so, on a totally different note…I’m a voracious observer…obsessed (and I mean that in the best way possible)…obsessed! with all things pretty and inspirational.  Here are a few lovelies I needed to share with you:

Think of the number of books you could finish…


I dream of this fridge one day!  Not sure which color I’d choose; they’re all amazing!

Paper flower downloadable template.  Amazing.  Must do.

I think I need this table.

Yeah, I guess I could live in this boat house

Swoon!  Cutest thing ever!

Book of the month clutches!  Oh my word.  I want one.  They’re all fabulous!

That’s all folks!

Sources: Coastal Living, Design Sponge, Sears, template: Etsy, Patterson, Desire to Inspire, Sister/Brother, Kate Spade

you need barn doors…

14 Apr

Pure fab.

Yes, barn doors are nothing new…but I had to post on it!

I think a rustic barn door or a brand-new painted barn door are gorgeous for closet & bathroom doors.  Barn doors add a touch of style and personality to any room!

Or, if you have a big opening into a room, think about using several barn doors together to add the option of closing off rooms, without the permanence of a small door frame, while leaving the option for keeping that opening open whenever you want.

Down Whimsy Lane

What do you think of this piano?

10 Apr

Oh my gosh!  This is sooo cute!!!  I love it…I think…

I have an old piano that I don’t really like.  Maybe I should paint it?

Prob. not this color but…what do you think of painting it…??

Classy Clutter

Things you will love; from a colorful rug to a cute hairstyle

9 Apr

Love this office.  Especially the super happy, colorful rug which I want.  Anyone know where it’s from?


This makes me smile.  And I’m not sure if it’s the mirror or the sweet little girl.  But either way, pure happiness.

Martha Stewart

Oh my…

Apartment Therapy


Once Wed

I’m SO going to do this come Christmas


Chalk walls!  Adore.

And this headboard…

Need I say more?

Everyone needs a quiet little reading nook


One of my fav hair styles.  Must do more often.

Style Me Pretty

Need this in my future studio in the barn, especially the swing!

Giants Live

Hope you enjoyed some of these beautiful things!

Wallpaper you can color

7 Apr

Hey Awesome

Graham & Brown


The best of Etsy

7 Apr

I’m going to start a new theme post displaying some of my favorite Etsy finds.  In three, two, one…

Presenting: The Best of Etsy.

There is so so much to shuffle through on the site I figure this will be an easy way to discover great products & shops in one place.  With tons and tons of junk on there finding treasures is sometimes time-consuming!

I am notoriously bad at sticking with things, I think because I have way too many creative things going on up in this hard-drive of mine, so forgive me if the best of Etsy posts are rather sporadic for now.

Here are some fabulous VINTAGE FINDS:

Egg crate

via the BellaLulu shop.



Blue Bell Bazaar

Confession: I spy, sometimes.

31 Mar

Yes…I am one of those people that can’t get enough of seeing people’s homes.  My mom and I used to spend hours…days…driving neighborhoods and pointing out the best, most fabulous houses we wanted “someday.”  But, the fact of the matter is, you really don’t know how fabulous a home is until you see the inside.

Unfortunately this habit has resorted to me pulling my poor husband into my schemes of “the house is vacant!  We must go peek in the windows!” and even once, “Let’s hop the fence, NOBODY lives in the house” to which, we got caught and embarrassingly talked our way out of it by proclaiming to the home-owner (with video surveillance on the property) that we were just SO in love with the house we had to see it for ourselves.  Luckily that turned into a private tour.

So…all this is to say…I have a horrible habit of peering into people’s windows at night as my husband drives the car quickly past.  Yes, I am a snoop, a spy, and I might even be pushing the law a bit.  I’m sorry, but how…how…can I possibly resist that peek into the inside of someone’s illuminated house where I’m sure to see amazing architecture, design, & inspiration!?  I can’t.

Needless to say, I have found a few online solutions to curb my intense desire to call up my real-estate agent and beg her to give me a tour of some of the houses on our street.  If I am able to look at the beautiful interiors of enough homes online, I just might be satiated enough to forget about those houses down the street that are calling my name.

Here are pictures of a sculpture artist’s home & studio.  I feel so privileged to be able to see inside this home!  It’s like I’ve been given a VIP pass into the most intimate, private world of this artist, his studio.  *excitement*  This is perfect inspiration for what I want my studio/barn to look like someday!

Hope you just fell in love, like I did, with this charming, adorable, rustic cabin!  Makes you want to give up livin’ the good life with workable plumbing to move out to a little cabin where you appreciate the raw beauty of things.  Fab.

A look inside the studio spaces of some very creative people

30 Mar

I’ve always loved peeks inside of artists studio spaces.  They are usually so eclectic, and all are different.  Every year in my town there are two days where you can “tour” participating artists studios, view demonstrations, and purchase art.  It’s fantastic!

So, on that note…have you ever heard of Where Women Create magazine?  It is a fabulously inspiring look into artists studios!

The magazine showcases successful creative businesses owned by women.  If that’s not good enough…it also shows pictures of their studios, lofts, home offices, etc…and they are all incredible!

Image: Where Women Create

Makes me want to get on top of setting up my office in the little cabin we have on our property.  …And setting up my letterpress shop in our barn.  Can’t WAIT for summer and warm weather so I can begin these projects!  Once the Lifework Media make-over is all complete, maybe we’ll even sign up to participate in the artists studio tours for next year!