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Beautiful lovelies

27 Apr

A little update to the

section of the blog.

Just a collection of some current loves.  Below are: things I need, gorgeous packaging, awesome products, great do-it-yourself tutorials, beautiful furniture, and maybe a few other things in there too.

You can click on the pictures to go to the source, buy the item, or view the DIY tutorial.  Just remember to hit the back arrow to come back here!



Necessary office goodies

18 Apr

I need these for my office.  Yum!

Lace tape


Mini Lomo camera keychains

Not Cot

Custom hand-calligraphy stamps

Swiss Miss

Rustic wooden desk

Jason Home & Garden

All about print techniques book

Curiosity Shoppe

Oh deer, paper clips!

Emmo Home

Vintage stamps…a must for business correspondence


Fabric tape.

Kate’s Paperie

Circus-inspired packaging

1 Apr

I love creative and eye-catching packaging design.  So much so in fact, I am often the victim of advertising…or rather…of cool packaging.  If something looks fabulously amazing on the outside, it has to be amazing on the inside too!

No, I don’t actually think that.  But, nonetheless, I really do enjoy buying something simply for its appearance.  I guess I never learned the “It’s what’s inside that counts” or “Don’t judge a book by its cover” lessons  🙂  Okay, not really…I value those morals as well…but when it comes to work, and design, and inspiration, and eye candy….all morals are out the window!  🙂

Here is some circus inspired packaging I spied for three flavors of gourmet popping kernels called Carny Corn.  The designer, Theresa Decker, decided to create a circus side show act theme including Buttery Bessie (world’s fattest woman), Firey Hot Frank (fire breather) and Sweet & Salty Pip and Pop (siamese twins).  She used vintage broadsides as typographical inspiration and manipulated black & white imagery for each label.  The bags are printed canvas and are held in a custom made wooden crate with transferred typography.

It’s so creative and so cool looking I would definitely be tempted to buy this popcorn…even though I rarely ever eat it.

Gorgeous business identity suite

31 Mar

I love when I find amazing brand packaging!  This is a gorgeous gorgeous business identity suite for Jackie Wonders, a wedding photographer I spied online.  When the Lifework make-over is all complete (I hope by the end of summer!) you’ll see a lot more paper goods & business identity products from us like the ones below!


It’s amazing how just a simple little pattern can actually turn into a real statement piece when done right.

Oh my word…love the real feather used in her packaging.

So simple.  Just a pattern and b&w text, but it sure pops!

Gorgeous!  And even the twine & string are essential to the overall look.