home grown goodies

4 Oct

I’ve been taking pictures of the progress of our garden as it has grown…and then as it has taken over the world.  This garden was such a huge success the hubs and I have been kicking ourselves that we started with too many of each plant.  Yes, we were afraid most wouldn’t make it, as usual, so to be sure we would get some of everything, we planted extras.  Oops.

Not only is everything doing well, but everything is either bigger, stronger, or taller than any we’ve seen.  If I didn’t mention this earlier, we rototilled a TON of really old chicken poop into the soil before we planted everything.  We found the chicken poop in our chicken coop on our property (which has yet to be used by us- though the plan is to get some chickens this spring.  Think, farm fresh eggs!  Yes please!).  I credit the entire success of the garden to the chicken poop we used.  It’s like Kryptonite to Super Man.  No…it’s like girls to Charlie Sheen.  Case in point…our tomato plants are not little bushes…they’re trees!  No joke.

Sadly though, now it’s getting colder outside and our precious food source is starting to die off.  I’m bummed!

Here are some pictures to show you the progress of the garden and the tasty treats we were able to harvest!


This was taken right after we planted everything.  You can just barely see the plants, but they’re there.  Also, note the grapes (growing up the posts) and how small they are.

BEFORE of side garden

AFTER- the grapes are growing up the arbor!  Eventually, cute little gate under there and into the garden.

Yay!  Veggies are planted!  BEFORE picture

AFTER six weeks picture

BEFORE of peas on the teepees, and corn starts to the left

AFTER 8 weeks (peas!!) & corn!

It’s growing!

Corn is gettin tall..

The pumpkin patch is taking over.  Next year, definitely not planting pumpkins in the garden…they will get their own pasture!

A nice row of cabbage

Those tomato plants are SO small here!

Pumpkins looking into the tomato plants (yes, those are basically tomato trees in the background!!!)

A green pumpkin

the most delicious squash!

Broccoli…by far the best I’ve ever had

we couldn’t keep up w/the zucchini…so sometimes it got a wee bit big.  See hand vs zucchini?  Zucchini wins.

Three diff. types of corn & two diff. varieties of cucumber.  Yum!

Artichoke!  But didn’t harvest it this year, because you’re supposed to wait til year 2.

A cucumber on the vine.

Yes, that’s right…that’d be eggplant!  TONS of them!

Bell peppers.  mmm!

Pumpkins are turning orange!  This one is huuuuge, but hard to tell, I know.

Apples from two of our trees.

Couple varieties of pears from our trees!


That’s all folks!




3 Responses to “home grown goodies”

  1. Grandma October 5, 2011 at 7:35 am #

    I am so impressed with your garden. I wish I was able to sample some of your produce. Keep up the good work.

  2. Young Victorians October 5, 2011 at 4:24 pm #

    Amazing Marissa. Such an impressive first year garden. It’s like you and D have lived there a decade. I’m coming to visit next Harvest…xo A

  3. ronalisa October 7, 2011 at 10:13 pm #

    So impressed with all that you are doing…Miss seeing your best kept secrets in person. Soon I hope!!!

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