So we planted a garden

13 Jun

Well, before I get started…I know, I know…I have been bad about updating the little bloggity.  I’m sorry!

Things have been crazy busy, as we’ve been making big changes at Lifeworkmedia.  The business is evolving and growing and heading into all new territory and while it is exciting and I can’t wait to make the big announcement, I know I need to hold off until it is officially the “right time.”  Just know, you’ll be seeing a whole lot more from LifeworkMedia…(not just video production and graphics anymore).  Yay!

On a personal note, we’ve been doing a lot of evolving on the home front as well.  Here are a few pics of the garden we just planted last week.

Garden BEFORE picture:

Yes, there is a fenced in area in this picture.  Oh, and a little stone shed too!  Just completely hidden and overgrown.  This is how it was when we bought the house & property.  (you can just barely see the roof of the shed peeking out from behind those grape leaves…off to the left of the middle of the picture)

Garden AFTER pictures:

Oh hey!  A shed!

Lookit all the food!

Pretty neat huh!?  We’ve got:

4 diff. kinds of peas, including my favorite Edamame

5 kinds of cucumbers

2 kinds of corn

15 varieties of tomatoes

purple Eggplant

Red, Green, & Orange Bell Peppers

3 kinds of carrots


White & Purple cabbage

3 kinds of lettuce + spinach





Acorn Squash

5 diff. kinds of pumpkins



Red & yellow watermelon

Honeydew Melon

annd…I’m prob. forgetting something.

Yum…loving the idea of going out to the garden to pick anything we want for dinner or to add to a salad, without making a run to the store!!!  Fabulous!


One Response to “So we planted a garden”

  1. ronalisa June 13, 2011 at 4:42 pm #

    I am so proud of you Marissa. The garden looks spectacular and totally transformed. Wow – just can’t to come and dig in!!!

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