Simple photo displays for your wedding or home

18 Mar

If you were just going to disregard decorations due to budget constraints, think twice before you do so!  There are budget friendly, do-it-yourself options so your wedding can still scream “you”.

Here is a great, cost effective way to decorate and personalize your wedding…**without breaking the bank**…at all!

Images: 2:: unknown.  sorry!  3:: Elizabeth Messina 4 & 5:: U Make Me Smile

Start by gathering your photos. Engagement pics, old photos of the two of you together, and childhood snapshots.  Maybe even pictures of your parents ‘ & grandparents’ weddings.

You don’t have to use the originals if you don’t want.  Visit a photo kiosk at your local drugstore or photography shop where you can make high-quality copies at a reasonable price.

Then, you can either attach the photos to different-sized pieces of cardstock (like they did in the 1st photo above) using photo corners or special photo glue (or use just the photos themselves) to clip to long strands of rope, twine, ribbon, wire, etc using clothespins or metal clips.  You can use stakes to attach the string, or wrap it around trees, or even just use push-pins in the wall and wrap the string around those.

Here is a great tutorial on customizing your clothespins I found at Creature Comforts.  The photo below shows a couple pins with fabric on them, which is a great great way to add in another splash of your wedding colors.

Source: Creature Comforts

And below are a few more photo display ideas, designed for use in your home, but I think they would be fab fab for your wedding too!

That heart…what an adorable way to collage your pics for your wedding!  I can picture it on a barn wall, or what about on an old, rustic door leaned up against a wall?  Cute!

The glass vessels with black & white photos in them are pretty swoon-worthy too.  How about using this idea for your centerpieces on each table?

Source for photos above: Merriment Events

Or old vintage bottles (like the ones above) for your centerpieces…or grouped on the tables next to the guest book, cake, favors, etc.

Source: Hatch Creative Studio

This is just wonderful!  I love the use of old frames  in any shape or style (all painted the same color to give them some cohesiveness) with pictures inside.  It looks like they just glued or stapled strips of ribbon to the back of the frames, and then used mini clothespins to attach pictures to the ribbons.  LOVE IT!  You could hang the frames to the walls of your venue, or simply just have them on tables leaning against the walls instead.  ORRR…maybe you can hang the frames, using clear fishing line, from the rafters, trees, or ceiling…like this gorgeous wedding photo display below…

I’ve seen this idea everywhere and just LOVE it!  I’m obsessed with hanging decorations!  And what’s so great about this last one is they just used their pictures from home, frames & all, and hung/tied them using invisible line.  How simple is that?

Welp…that’s it for now!  With any of these ideas you’ll have a completely personalized, custom decoration that looks beautiful and can cost next to nothing!  Not to mention, your guests will love looking at all the different images of you guys before the ceremony or during the reception.

Check back for more budget-friendly, DIY decoration ideas to be posted soon!  In the meantime, head on over to our recent bunting post for another creative, low-cost, high-style idea.


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