Everything design. It’s time for a change.

7 Mar

Okay, not so much of a change as an ongoing progression….but, thanks to all the blog support & growing visitors, the Lifework Media blog will be expanding to cover much more than just what we’ve been creating & doing here at work.

I love my readers; it’s all about you guys….so I want to spoil you with just a little bit more for your eyes to feast upon!  I plan to offer up pure awesomeness in design; focusing on categories such as weddings, home, graphics, and more.  I will post pictures for inspiration and resources for where to find & buy products.  We may include some do-it-yourself projects & ideas, and possibly an often updated “top trends” list, plus some of our own work as well.  You can expect to find inspiring & beautiful ideas and products for decorating your home, wedding, or party; centerpieces, escort-card displays, gift table decor, invitation design, furniture, style & “theme” ideas, and more.  Plus, you’ll find creative & beautiful design in packaging (bottles, labels, boxes, and products) or websites or logos or anything else beautiful and creative…  Not to mention, we’ll let you know when we can make or design something you see on our blog- you might already be in the right place!

My promise to you:

I will post anything I find inspiring and beautiful (and there is a lot)!

It’s all in the works right now as we brainstorm ideas and figure out how to organize this all on one site.  In the interim- keep visiting to see the progress and please give us a little bit of time to get everything switched over and completed!

Oh, and you might see that “header” at the top of the blog change often until I’m happy with it.

Enjoy!  And thanks for being a loyal reader.  You’re appreciated and loved!  ♥


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