2nd edition of Things We ♥ for those who may need some inspiration

27 Feb

I find inspiration in absolutely everything!  Sometimes I forget to pay attention to what I’m doing because I’m so busy looking around.  Thank God for a wonderfully supportive and patient husband!  🙂  To be honest, I really can’t go anywhere without seeing something I can use for work, to inspire creativity, or to utilize in my house remodel …and I write it all down for later use.

Things We Heart ♥ is born out of that growing list and I feel it’s something I should share with all of you because every once in a while I think everyone needs a little extra somethin somethin to make their hearts go pitter patter.

Here are ten of my somethin somethins:

The Artomat– art vending machine project.  It’s awesome!  Is there one in your city?

Olive Manna– love it all, but currently really digging the Newsprint bags/wrapping paper

Christian Faur- Crayon Portraits.  How amazing is that!?

Carl Kleiner- inspiring art

Terrain– love the rope chandelier and the metal flour bin

Sketch Ice Cream– amazing name.  amazing website.  amazing interior & business branding- so fun & creative!

Etcetera– love this book and you will too

Free Spirit Fabrics– perfect for reupholstering that ugly, old wing-back chair you have and turning it into a modern twist on the old

Eco-friendly Garden Collection– by H & M.  Pure adorable.

Letterpress Movie– this is such a wonderful & tactile form of art


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