Spring Time Wedding Inspiration

25 Feb

I must admit, even though this winter was extremely mild over here in western Washington I am SO ready for Spring!  The Crocus are in bloom all over our property, the sun is out every few days (followed by nasty rain storms), and the Spring-time wedding inspiration is hitting the blog and design world with a frenzy!  I am so in need of the warmth, color, and happiness of Spring; not just outside but also in terms of design.

Just saw this fabulous wedding picture over on Style Me Pretty’s blog, taken by Green Apple Photography, and I had to post it here for all of you to see!

I love this photo on so many levels.

Visually- it just pops, with the bright colors and white tops pulling out the bride’s wedding dress.

Then, notice the shoes- all different & fun!

The skirts- they are an absolutely adorable style idea for bridesmaids!  Not to mention, the skirts are all just a teeny bit different from each other, which I think just adds visual interest while keeping the cohesiveness.

The cardigans?  Again, what a fabulous style idea for bridesmaids and a bold show of the growing aversion to the “typical” bridesmaid dress.

Last, the flowers- they pull the colors from the skirts & shoes so perfectly and are just pleasing to the eye.

This picture puts a big smile on my face and this bride makes me think Spring!  Happy thoughts.  It’s coming!


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