Circus Glamour. Kinda like glamping, right?

17 Feb

I recently got a very fun invitation client.  She is having a two-day, 70th birthday bash and the theme is vintage circus with glamorous accents.  Pure fabulousness!

It’s an interesting combination.  When I think of circus I think corny, bright colors, child-like….but then you add in the word “glamour” and it throws the whole stereotype off.  Glamping.  Camping with a touch of glamour.  Camping equals tents, bad food, probably not the best nights sleep.  Glamping…well you’ve got yourself a mini hotel in a tent in the wilderness!

I have to say this is probably the most wild, out there, and fun theme I’ve gotten to do so far.  I LOVE this kind of stuff!!  It gives me a chance to be really creative and come up with out-of-the-box ideas.

First thing I usually do before creating an invitation suite is a ton of RESEARCH!  This is not as boring as it sounds.  On the contrary, it’s like half of the fun for me because it involves looking up pictures and requires a lot of googling for ideas and inspiration.  It gets me all giddy inside and I save waaaay too many ideas to my poor computer’s files.  Loyally, she hasn’t slowed down yet or given up on me.

Then I create an inspiration board (a collage of a bunch of images) with my favorite ideas contributing to the overall look of the party or invite.  Here is the circus glam inspiration board that I’ll be working with.  This will give you an idea of the colors, look, and feel of what I will create for Jeanne’s party, and it keeps me on track as I start to design.

Next, the hardest part is taking all of those ideas and combining them into one invitation without using too many of the elements that I fall in love with.  This is quite a challenge for me- I just want to put all the best parts in!

So, I brainstorm and write down all of my ideas:

– pinwheel to spin

– custom tarot cards with invitation information on them

– silhouette art

– cut paper elements

– accordion or book style invite

– fortune teller game

– vintage popcorn bags as envelopes

– re-print vintage circus posters as envelope liners

– waving banners

….and of course…I don’t end up using all of them, but they help get me started!
Will follow up soon with some initial invitation drafts so you can see more of the creative process!


One Response to “Circus Glamour. Kinda like glamping, right?”

  1. Grandma February 18, 2011 at 6:36 am #

    FABULOUS-SIMPLY FABULOUS!!!!!!I am so proud of you!!!!

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