Love. All you need is love!

13 Feb

Today is a day to let those we love know just how much they mean to us!  When I stop to think about everyone in my life who is special and important to me, I get a bit overwhelmed with how blessed I have been!

I am lucky to have:

– a mom, stepdad, dad, and stepmom who I love to spend time with!  You guys are all an amazing support system.

– a pretty sweet brother- even though it’s been rocky at times- I know he’s there for me and I love him

–  in-laws who understand and are incredibly great at encouraging and supporting and helping

– a killer extended family (step siblings, more in-laws-brother and sisters, and pretty cool aunt, cousin, and uncle too)

– two wonderfully sweet, cuddly, and loving step-kids…but I really HATE to call them that…they’re just my KIDS!  And I love them!

– loyal friends.  Those I keep in touch with, and even those I don’t-  all important to me- especially those once a year catch-ups.

– one dog and two puppies.  They are unconditionally loving and kissy…and it’s wonderful to come home to such happiness, barks, jumps, and wagging tails!

– a perfect husband.  for me.  flaws.  imperfections.  goofy weird things he does and all.  those are what make him my husband and not someone else.

– grandparents.  all of them are still here!


This Valentine’s Day someone is standing out a bit.  No, she’s not more important or better….but she IS important…and she’s in with the BEST….and she’s just been on my mind.

This Valentine’s Day I’m thinking of my Grandma Rhoda.  Quiet, introspective, reserved.  She watches and listens- REALLY listens…and seems to just take it all in.  When I’m with her, I know she’s 100% there and won’t forget a single thing.  I know I have her complete attention and THAT is something to really cherish these days.  Truth is, you just don’t find it much.

I didn’t spend much time with Grandma Rhoda growing up…for whatever reason.  But I had the privilege of spending a good three/four days with her this past October.  ONLY 3-4 days though, because as she says, “Guests are like fish.  After a few days they start to smell.”  🙂  I feel her visit was the greatest thing ever because now I have a relationship with her that I really missed as a child, and hadn’t even realize what I missed out on.

Now I know.

To me, my Grandma Rhoda is strong & perseverant.  She’s a feminist in a way- not bound by the old-fashioned expectations of mothers or wives.  She’s bold.  To me, my Grandma Rhoda follows her heart, goes after what she wants, and doesn’t worry about the world and what they’ll say.  She’s loving.  She’s supportive.  But not in a I’ll-tell-you-all-the-time kind of way.  When she says she loves you she means it.  And it means a lot to you …because she doesn’t say it so often they’re just words.

And if she doesn’t love you, I don’t think she’ll pretend.  You know what you’re getting with her.  She’s real.

I guess I wanted to make this year’s Valentine’s Day a tribute to her because I’m inspired by her, and because everyone should know.  And she’s special to everyone who knows her, even though she’s far away and I don’t see her often.    And because…Valentine’s Day is not only for husbands & marriages…but also maybe to new found friendships with someone you never really got to know.  For me, this is Grandma Rhoda!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone I love!!!


2 Responses to “Love. All you need is love!”

  1. Dad February 14, 2011 at 7:49 pm #

    Marissa, you are too sweet. Love following your stuff and I know Grandma Rhoda keeps tabs on you and is sooo proud about your “shout out” to her.
    Happy Valentine’s day. Love you.


  2. Janine February 14, 2011 at 9:51 pm #

    Love this so much. You are such an amazing women..

    Love you and cant wait to see you next time

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