Apology Necessary

16 Jan

There’s nothing I can say to make myself feel better about the fact that I have completely neglected my blog!  All I can do is apologize to those who actually read this.  Grr, I had set a goal of consistently updating the blog.  “This time will be different. ”  Hmm.

But, in my defense, it was the holidays!!!  You understand, right?  It’s that time of the year when I scramble to buy presents, attend dinners and gatherings with my family, fly or drive home to Spokane where I split my few day break between two sets of parents and old high school friends…not to mention…this year was a bit different because we bought two puppies.  Yes…TWO!  I knew you’d understand!

So?  I’ve been a bit busy, which is a great excuse to not update a blog!  Much better than “hmm…didn’t have anything new going on…”

Alright…so you want to see pictures of the pups.  Here they are in all their glory.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ahh…nights of very little sleep you are finally over!!  The puppies have graduated on to sleeping for 6-7 hrs straight each night before crying to be let out for a potty break.  This is after they woke up about every 2 hrs for the first week.  They also don’t pee & poop in the house every hour anymore- or right after just taking them outside- which means I get to sit down for a few minutes here and there.  And I want a baby someday?  What?

So…the growing puppies growing up is fabulous for me!  Now I can begin the updating.  🙂


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