Things we ♥

18 Nov

Need some Thursday night love??  Yes, you say?  Well good, because we’re going to start a new random post called… ***drum roll please***

…a collection of links to the best, coolest, most fabulous things ever!  Or at least we think so.  And THAT should fill your love bucket.

While I wish I could keep all of the bestest things I find to myself…it’s really no fun…and I want all of you to experience and see some of the magnificence that I find so fun, inspirational, creative, and amazing!

Here are some of my faves

to keep you busy

to inspire you

to make you wish you could be an artist

to start you on a wicked whirlwind of blog hopping

and to make you smile…. hopefully

Click the pictures to go to the sites


Sticker Wallpaper– so incredible!!!

Book Alphabet– wow.  Need I say more?

Laduree– even their trucks look delicious

Peter Callesen- he’s amazing!!

Shona Heath– she’s pretty amazing too!

That’s it for tonight!  Hope that got you started and inspired something in you!
More amazingness next week.


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