Red Lotus

5 Nov

A few weeks ago, Dinah from Red Lotus contacted me about designing a logo for her up-and-coming business.   Dinah makes and sells beautiful fabric baskets in various sizes.  They are bright, colorful, and very versatile.  While functional, they can also be used as home decor (think stylish storage baskets).  Not to mention, her business model is absolutely fantastic; she donates part of the proceeds to an organization that provides opportunities to women and children!  Vibrant products- what a way to celebrate women!

Dinah will soon start selling these baskets on Etsy.  I will update this post with the information on how to buy them as soon as her baskets are available!  Check back for Red Lotus fabulousness!

So for the logo, we met at Dinah’s house, where I got a little taste of her personal style… and was able to look through all of her baskets to get a feel for what she wanted in a logo.  Dinah was torn between whether she wanted a very simple Lotus flower or a more elaborate one…so in the end we created two!

First we created a layered and feminine Lotus flower seen here:

I just LOVE it!

And the second logo we created was a bit more graphic and simplistic (below)

Which I think turned out great!!  The one Dinah ended up using was this one.

I can’t wait to see her products up on Etsy.

Good luck on your new business Dinah!



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