Our new acquisition- a Chandler & Price Letterpress

24 Oct


Love it, am obsessed with it, can’t get enough of it.

I think letterpress is the absolute most beautiful form of art ever and I have been dying to own a letterpress machine and learn how to use it for soo long!  Plus, it would be a great skill to add to my repertoire and a great service to provide for my clients.

Hence, we at Lifework Media drove down to Portland, Oregon to meet a printer and to buy his old Chandler & Price press!  The guy’s printing shop was in a huge warehouse and filled with TONS of printing goodies from paper folders, to laminators, to old presses (plus gorgeous work tables, cameras, and more).

I was in heaven…and this letterpress is so so fantastic.

It’s really no easy task to move these 1,800 pound behemoths!  We had to rent a Uhaul in Portland to get this thing back home.  Not to mention, use a forklift to get it into the Uhaul.  Luckily there was a guy next to the warehouse that had a forklift and did the work for us!  But once we got back- we had to rent one to get it out and into the barn that will be converted into my studio soon!  This letterpress was almost…and I mean…ALLMOOST too heavy for the forklift – which wobbled and tipped forward a few times during the process.


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