John L. Scott broker associate branding

24 Aug

Brooke Grossberg contacted me about doing some branding for her new job.  Brooke is this adorable, classy blonde from Bainbridge Island, about 30 minutes from us.

The more I hear about Bainbridge and the more I visit, the more I think I would like to live there someday.  It is beautiful, and of course Brooke didn’t help when she talked about it!

Brooke is pretty awesome herself.  When I met her for coffee she was SO sweet and bubbly!  Just makes me excited to get to work with someone like that.  She contacted me because she was going back to work as a broker associate for John L. Scott and wanted business cards and a 5×7″ announcement mailer.

The starting point was to create a motif for Brooke, that would be used throughout her pieces.  We created something for her that was somewhat feminine, but was also gender neutral.

After playing with many fun color combinations, Brooke and I decided on navy blue & orange.  Stylish, yet masculine too!

She wanted a business card that was very different, very high-end, very unique.  I came up with the idea of a layered business card.  We would do one layer of shimmery white paper.  The next layer would be the printed business card, a bit smaller.  And the third layer would be a thin band on top of it all with her name/title.  It turned out fabulously unique and definitely captures the high-end, hand-made, luxurious feel she was going for.

Here are the graphics of her motif, business card design, and announcement.

Three layers make up this business card


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