Bella Signature Design Logo

24 May

Occasionally I do some design work for Daniela over at Bella Signature Design.  I absolutely ADORE her sense of style, and just love love love to create pieces for her because she always wants something fun, hip, and stylish.  Not to mention, she is extremely sweet, easy to work with, inspirational, and so so incredibly talented!  Who wouldn’t swoon over the opportunity to design for her? (let alone have her design your wedding…wink wink…I’ll never forget the fabulous job she did at my wedding two years ago).

When Daniela asked me to recreate her Bella logo,  it was one of the first projects we worked on together professionally.  In fact, as I’ve mentioned before, this was a direction I wanted to take the business, but we’d been so busy with corporate work that we just never spent the time to go out and get this sort of business.  So, not only was it a first working with Daniela, but in some ways it was really the start of this whole creative, artistic side of Lifework Media (aside from a few artistic fliers and logos we’ve done in the past- most of ours have been somewhat boring!!) so it was a first in many ways for me too!

Daniela mentioned she was very into quatrefoils- so that became the new motif that her design would center around.

Here is a picture of a quatrefoil I found online to show you what they are:

You see them a TON in old architecture and buildings (fencing, etc).

Here are some pictures of the final logos.  I designed several different versions so Daniela was able to mix the logos up a bit- the quatrefoil being the connecting feature in them all.










Don’t you just looove her rich color palette!?  Can’t get enough of chartreuse lately! 


One Response to “Bella Signature Design Logo”

  1. Paige July 12, 2011 at 9:18 pm #

    You HAVE to brand my new business! Saving up to partake of your genius.

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