I need to get creative here!

11 Mar

Well…with the client’s needs and budget I can’t really do regular printing.  In order to get a light color on a dark chocolate background, I’d have to print the chocolate background and leave the cream paper unprinted so that it looks like the text is cream (but really its the paper) and the rest is ink making the paper dark chocolate.  This works fine, but Monica wants a shimmery print and it just doesn’t work well to do this method on shiny paper.  I had a sample made this week and really did not like the results.  I think this looks beautiful on matte papers, but on any glossy or shimmery paper it looks very flat.  Grrr!

I explored some other options; thermography, foil, embossing…all very expensive and foil ended up being the only one that works well with light colors on dark paper.

I’m not really sure what to do.  At this point I think my only options are to either up the budget or to somehow make the flat printed option look better and more custom.

I’m stuck and need to sleep on it!


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