And so it begins…

7 Mar

I’ve begun researching what to do for my Indian-inspired invites.

The clients, Monica & AJ, want some type of motif that is “Catholic-scroll-looking and Indian (but not Paisley).”  Their colors are Turquoise, Fuchsia, Cream, and Chocolate.  So lush!!  I’m really excited to have such a wonderful and vibrant color palette to work with, and can only imagine how beautiful they will all look together with Daniela’s decor and flowers.

Here is their color palette:

Most of my time so far has been spent either researching printers (to see who can print cream text on dark chocolate paper within Monica’s budget) or designing the motif that Monica and AJ would fall in love with!  That was a toughie.  I sent Monica and AJ over 15 different motif ideas that I either designed myself or owned.  I couldn’t choose!

Here is the motif that Monica and AJ decided to go with:

Now I’m off to figure out layout, wording, and printing options!


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